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within 8 weeks

Did you know that Ukrainian developers are great?
Especially if you hire the right ones :-)

We help you find them and hire them and facilitate them.

so you can just focus on what drives your business goals.

Talents and experts from Ukraine. Get quality and do good.

Gain access to highly qualified development, QA and design talents.

How do we know?

Cause we’re already working ourselves with Ukrainian talents.

What you get from us

Talent search and pre-check
Local HR management
Employment through us

so you do not need to take care of local contracts, taxation etc.

Hiring process facilitation

Good fit:

  • Looking to extend your team with a long term view in min 6 month+
  • You see and treat the talents as your employees
  • Interest to keep talents long term
  • Roles we cover: development, quality assurance engineers, dev project mgmt, UX or UI design talents.

Not a good fit:

  • Short term projects and short term mindset
  • Talents are only seen as suppliers
  • Prototype and MVP development outsourcing
  • Business roles
  • Just looking for cheap resources (you probably need to look further east)

Minimum Qualification Talents

Mid-Level 3+ years experience

Long-term mindset



Conversational English skills, good English skills in writing

How it works

Step 1
Click on Find My Talent
Step 2
Fill the form with your needs
Step 3
We look for 3 talents, we do a pre-check and then we send you the CV’s

(takes approx 3 weeks)

Step 4
1st interview phase
Step 5
Task for talent to complete

(1 week)

Step 6
Salary negotiation
Step 7
Step 8

(up to 2 weeks - standard notice period)

Financial structure

Did you know that Ukrainian developers are great?

Especially if you hire the right ones :-)

(~3-5k CHF/ month)

Senior Dev Range

(150 CHF / month)

Equipment / Accessories

(50 CHF / month)

Training & Education

(500 CHF / month)*

Management Fee

~ 4500 CHF / month

all-in fee

Management Fee discount:
If you offer an Equity Stock Option Plan or alike to the talent, then we give you a 200 CHF / month discount on the Mgmt. Fee.
The reason is simple, if you give back in case of your success, we also give back to you.
If not we take the 200 CHF and invest it back into Ukrainian or Swiss projects.
Sharing is caring.
~ 4300 CHF / month

all-in fee

About us

We do this from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We all experience the challenge of finding great team members. We’re a community and help each other to succeed.

We’ve all started our startups and occasionally worked together on our projects and this is how the idea came up. We all always had the topic of finding great talents and have a trusted partner finding those talents.

After the outbreak of the russian invasion we felt we can not only serve our needs but also do good and give back to the Ukrainian community.

As Marc Benioff once said “I strongly believe the business of a business is to improve the world.” – we agree.

Ready to find a talent?